Clearing Clutter

Clutter Clearing Some Useful Tips

Where do you start when you want to clear up clutter that is piled up around your home?

Why not start by going to the central living area in your home and have a look around you. You long to have a lovely tidy home where you feel comfortable to invite friends and family over. But as you stand in your living room you see the piles and piles of books and magazines just sitting there. Some of the books date back to your school days and you wonder when you even last looked at them. Magazines that you bought years ago are piled up and you ask yourself if you are ever likely to read them again.

Remove Clutter EasilyAs you continue to look around you see that there are not only books and magazines, but also toys that your children have left around the floor. The toys can easily be cleaned up, but there are also old fast food boxes and containers left lying around. Dozens of old video tapes and CDs scattered around the room. There is also trash including old candy wrappers, dirty coffee mugs, clothes both clean and dirty piled up on the floor and chairs around the room. Mail, some not even yet opened, and bills that need to be paid are around the room under the other items scattered around.

So where do you begin? How can you get on top of the mess? Sometimes you may even consider letting your home burn down so that you don’t have to deal with the disorder! Sometimes you just sit down and cry wondering how things got this bad. But neither crying or burning your home will help you to sort out this mess of clutter. There will continue to be mail that you need to open and go through, trash that you need to throw away and other items that just need to be sorted and put away or given away. One of the first steps to clearing clutter is to come to the realisation that I was the one who made the mess and I need to begin cleaning it up.

Once the first step is made in making a decision to declutter then you will see that clutter clearing really is not that difficult. The hardest part is taking the first step. Then once you begin, the most important thing to remember is to keep focused on your goal to clear the clutter. Try to remove distractions so that you can focus on the job at hand. If you have young children then see if a family member or friend could look after them for a couple of days to give you time to get stuck into the cleaning.

Look around and then begin to make some lists. It will be helpful to you to make lists of the clutter that you see. Which areas do you see the most clutter, what type is it, where is the least? These lists will help you decide which areas you need to focus on and attack first. As you begin the process you will be surprised at the progress that you see. Just continue to keep your mind focused and see the clutter disappear!

Set up some bags and boxes ready to put the different items into. Start putting items into the boxes, bins and bags to either throw away, sell or give away. Once you have cleared an area then pull out all you will need to clean this area. You can vacuum or sweep the floors, wipe off the book shelves and generally clean up this area. The feeling of having accomplished this one step in your goal to clutter clearup will be a great start to motivating you to keep going.

It is a great idea to get into the practice of clearing clutter on a regular basis. It may seem difficult at the beginning, but as you persist it will become a part of who you are. You will see the positive feeling that you and your whole family has when you continue to clear up the mess. The more you tidy and clear the more you will be motivated to keep going. You will even begin to feel better about yourself and your home. Imagine the feeling of being able to invite friends over to your home without worrying about the mess and clutter!

Clutter clearing can seem almost impossible in the beginning, but once momentum begins it does become easier. Your home becomes more inviting to not only your friends, but also to your own family and indeed for yourself. Enjoy the positive feelings that you are sure to experience as you begin to create the home that you have dreamed of.

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